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Reviews for Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)

(serving Toronto Pearson International Airport)

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Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)

I have parked in the SelfPark lot on Dixon Road because we could not find the Valet ParkNFly lot on Dixon Rd in Toronto. Now I am worried that the economy lot might not honour my Valet coupon and I will be charged full lot price...for 30 days!
Can somebody find a way for me to confirm my coupon? I have emailed the company 3 times with no answer and I am still in the USA heading back and worried that my parking problem will not be solved by the time we return.

Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)

What happened to your great deal of pay for a week and park for 28 days - it was wonderful but I can't seem to find it now.

Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)

AVOID IT! Last time I went to Vancouver from Toronto and parked my car there. I printed the discounted coupon beforehand,after I input the correct dates that I would park and pick up my car. After I came back to Toronto, I picked up my car and presented the ticket (which I got by the time I parked my car there) and the coupon to the cashier at the exit. The lady there took my coupon and charged me much more than the price printed on the coupon(approximately $20-30 more). It did not make any sense. She gave me back a "ticket" and claimed that I was not qualified for the discounted rate. She claimed that her computer showed her that new price. Well, I did came back on the exact date and picked up my car at almost the exact time as printed on the coupon. I was not satisfied and demanded to talk to her senior, but she claimed that her senior was in Montreal. We argued for a long time until her colleague just came for work. I explained the situation to her and she checked the "ticket" given to me. The date shown on the ticket, surprisingly, showed that I started using the parking lot several days after I left Toronto to Vancouver. I was in Vancouver, how could I drive my car into the parking lot and park there? The conclusion is: the lady simply picked up a ticket among the numerous ones scattered on her table and gave it to me and asked me to pay a higher price. I showed my flight ticket to her colleague to show that I was actually in Vancouver on the date that the "ticket" showed I drove the car into the parking lot! She solved the problem and I paid the price as shown on the coupon. But I never receive an apology from the first person that I encountered. Avoiding the trouble, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER use Park'N Fly again.

Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)

I love these guys great deal great service

Park'N Fly - Toronto (Economy Lot)

What a deal and Great Service.

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